About Us

We’re not a dev shop.
We’re not a strategy firm.
We’re Connected.

Connected was founded in 2014, built on the belief that a new category of professional services firm was needed to help ambitious companies build impactful software-powered products; a firm that solved for feasibility, usability, desirability, and viability together – not separately; a firm that helps its clients build right, and build the right thing. We call this approach Product Thinking. The approach is designed to reduce the commercial risk of product development and lead to products that delight customers – because we know that the success of our clients’ businesses depend on the success of their products. It’s why we made it our mission to build better products.

Since our inception we have built a team of 135+ agile engineers, human-centered designers, and product strategists who have applied our Product-Thinking approach to help over 50 organizations across the globe discover and deliver world-class products.

From how we hire to the way we work with clients, our values guide everything we do.



Impact is the result of a million small decisions made wisely. We prize informed and considered judgment before all else.



Progress only happens when we listen carefully and speak conscientiously. Intelligence without kindness leads nowhere.



Knowing someone’s there to catch the ball makes you more willing to throw it. Reliability makes work go faster, smoother, and smarter.


Teachers & Learners

Knowledge transfer is the name of the game. Teaching and learning ensure that you, the team, and the product are continuously getting better.

Our Culture

Before all else, we pride ourselves on our people. Composed of world-class engineers, designers, and product and business strategists, Connected was born to fit the current business climate. United by a single passion—to build impactful software products—we’re as obsessed with transformative user experiences as we are with the technologies that make them possible.

Our People