Tue Aug 13 · Design, Research

How Researchers Practice Empathy to put the “Human” in Human-Centred Design

From research participants to a product’s end users, Connected’s researchers understand the ethical necessity of empathizing with the people our work impacts.

Thu Aug 8 · Culture

How to Nail Your Connected Interview

Thinking of applying to Connected? Check out this guide to succeeding in your interview!

Tue Aug 6 · Design

Accessing the Right Research Participants with a Recruitment Agency

Find out why it's important to engage with appropriate research participants using examples from our work with GRIT Toronto

Thu Aug 1 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Shannon Klett

Software Engineer, Dancer, Musical Fanatic. Meet the one and only Shannon!

Thu Jul 25 · Software Development

Traffic Modelling: Is Beating Traffic Congestion a Zero-Sum Game?

Find out if changing lanes will help you beat traffic!

Mon Jul 22 · Design

How Confidence Breeds Better Humans & Researchers

Read about the importance of confidence in your professional and personal life.

Tue Jul 16 · Software Development

Bridging the Gap Between Unit and UI Testing With UnIt

We, at Connected, are excited to introduce a helpful tool named UnIt aimed at bridging shortfalls between iOS unit and UI testing. The concept was birthed many years ago as Software Engineers, Steven Wu & Jonathan Yeung saw similar challenges across multiple projects. This is the first post of two about what UnIt does, why they […]

Wed Jul 10 · Voice

Top 9 Talks You Should Go See at Voice Summit 2019

With over 280 sessions to go see between July 22-25, we decided to create a top 9 list of sessions you should check out if you’re attending Voice Summit 2019, the largest Voice event in the world. Tuesday, July 23 Sessions Why Conversational Interfaces Are Designed to FailWhere: CKB 303 — 1:00 PM to 1:45 PMWho: Mark Webster, […]

Fri Jul 5 · Product Thinking

Product I Love: Wealthsimple

At Connected we are obsessed with great products. We often talk about the great products we worked on and the ones we wished we worked on. We’d love to hear from people who are as obsessed with making great products as we are so if you’d like to share yours, send me a note at […]