Thu Apr 2 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Tammy Chiasson

Get to know Tammy Chiasson, Connected's Global Managing Director, in her own words as she answers questions under the Connector spotlight.

Tue Mar 31 · Design, Product Thinking

Looking Forward Before We Can’t Look Away: Future-mapping in 2030 with the Social-Spatial Matrix

The future isn’t a singular event; instead, it is a series of simultaneous events that exist alongside one another. In the latest in Tim Bettridge and Lisanne Binhammer’s series on the future of Spatial Computing, the pair have created a social-spatial matrix to highlight the various faces this technology could take on.

Thu Mar 26 · Culture

Connected’s Guide to Acing Your Remote Interview

Digital products have become a lifeline to normalcy in the current situation, meaning companies are looking to partners like ourselves to help them build better products. As a result, we’re still hiring! Take a look at our tips for a successful interview no matter where you are.

Tue Mar 24 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Tina Goyal

Get to know Tina Goyal, Connected's Director of Engineering, in her own words as she answers questions under the Connector Spotlight.

Fri Mar 20 · Culture

The Connected WFH Toolkit

In these strange times working from home is a forced reality for many. At Connected, we have been working in mixed in-office and remote teams for awhile and have put together a little guide on the tools we use to help build better products from afar.

Thu Mar 19 · Design

From Decolonization to Dolls for All

A few weeks ago, a group of Connected’s Designers attended the Inclusive Design Conference in Toronto bringing back to the office ideas, insights, and inspiration on how the product community can build better for everyone. Read their thoughts here!

Tue Mar 17 · Strategy

Unpacking Business Viability for Building Better Products

Product innovation should be assessed through four key risk areas: desirability, usability, feasibility, and viability. In this piece, Product Strategist Amina Saigol, walks us through the foundations of ensuring that product development efforts are tested from a business viability standpoint.

Thu Mar 12 · Software Development

5 Product Development Lessons Learned from Failure

Product development is hard, which is exactly what makes it worth doing. However, as with anything hard, the risk of failure is high. With this in mind, our Co-Founder and EVP, Product and Technology, Damian McCabe, casts his mind back to one failed project that taught him valuable lessons about how to be successful in the future.

Tue Mar 10 · Design

The Connected Brand: Trustworthy, Collaborative, and Bright

First impressions are important, and for brands their visual identity is the first opportunity they get to tell people who they are. Connected's Marketing Graphic Designer, Katie Luke, dives into each aspect of the Connected brand and explains the design rationale behind them.