Thu Nov 21 · Design, Software Development

3 Steps to Designing a Niche Product You Know Nothing About

It’s easy to fall into the trap of designing in a way that meets your own needs and desires. But as Connected’s Senior Product Designer Hala Khoursheed has learned, designing a product that you’ll never use requires an extra level of empathy and process.

Tue Nov 19 · Software Development

The Importance of Accessibility in Product Building

There are over 1B people worldwide who suffer from a disability or impairment. Connected’s Sobia Fazal discusses how we helped one of our clients build with inclusivity in mind throughout the product lifecycle of a new smarthome device to ensure that the product works for everyone.

Thu Nov 14 · Design, Research

How to Run an Immersion Phase

An immersion phase done properly is a powerful tool for delivering a successful project; however, they are often considered a box-ticking exercise. Together, Connected's Katie Hill and Zachery Oman have written an in-depth guide on how to get the most out a session—for both the client and for the external team—and created an interactive immersion toolkit to help you hone your skills.

Wed Nov 13 · Culture, Product Thinking, Software Development

3 Keys to Building Impactful Teams from Engineering Leaders

We met with engineering leaders in Toronto to discuss achieving product excellence through innovative engineering capabilities. Here are our 3 main takeaways from the event.

Tue Nov 12 · Design, Research

Psychological Safety in Research

Separating work experiences from personal experiences is incredibly challenging for design researchers who are purpose-built to draw emotive reactions from participants. Connected’s Hilary Hayes talks through her own experiences and offers an insight into how others can find a balance that enables them to be more impactful in their work.

Thu Nov 7 · Software Development

Delivering Better Products Through Intention Driven Pairing

Software Engineer Paul Sobocinski explains Intention Driven Pairing, a pair programming methodology that can help improve our software development practice combining uninterrupted focus and continuous feedback to realize the benefits of both.

Tue Nov 5 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Exploring Collaboration Through Augmented Reality

Senior Product Designers, Lisanne Binhammer and Tim Bettridge, walk through the work they did on an internal AR project called Channels.

Thu Oct 31 · Software Development

How to Build Agile Teams to Deliver Impactful Products

Connected’s Director of Engineering, Tina Goyal, explains how she builds world-class engineering teams and the secret to keeping those teams focussed on delivering product impact.

Tue Oct 29 · Product Thinking

The Must-Know New Features for Designers and Developers on Android 10

A dive into the latest updates on Android with recommendations for how designers and engineers should factor them into the way they build better Android products.