Tue Jun 30 · Design, Research, Software Development

The Ethics of Product and Software Experimentation

What do clinical researchers and PMs have in common? They both experiment on people. So, what does that mean for the ethics of product management?

Thu Jun 25 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Three Emerging Product Practices to Design an Optimistic Future

With so much uncertainty in the world, Connected’s Dominic Smith explores three emerging practices that product thinkers and builders can use to build products that can help to create a brighter future for everyone.

Tue Jun 23 · Software Development

Asking When: Ethics in the Product Development Process Part 3

Continuing her series on Ethics in the Product Development Process, Lisanne Binhammer, Senior Product Designer, takes a deeper look at the practical steps product builders can take to ensure that back-end implementation is done ethically.

Thu Jun 18 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Product I Love: Zoom

At Connected, we’ve been using Zoom for a number of years now, but even we have marvelled at the way it’s been repurposed to meet the world’s emerging social needs. Our Managing Director, Carlos Elena-Lenz, writes his experience of how Zoom has become a critical tool in some of the most significant moments in his, and his family’s life over the past two months.

Tue Jun 16 · Software Development

How To Be Empathetic To Product Builders In Order To Build Empathy-Based Products

When the order came for Connected’s Product Manager Sam Pramanick to work from home for the foreseeable future, she adjusted her thinking to ensure that she could support her team’s work from afar. Here, she tells the story of learning, unlearning, and relearning of what it takes to build empathy-based products.

Thu Jun 11 · Research

Expert Advice for Interviewing Experts

“We’re interested in your personal experiences and subjective opinions. You’re the expert on your experiences.” It’s a sentence every researcher has used, and one that has extra importance when interviewing industry experts. Katie Hill, Design Researcher, dives into the tactics she employed on a recent project to make her expert interviews as impactful as possible.

Tue Jun 9 · Culture, Strategy

One Simple Change to Revolutionize Your Retros and Build Trust

Working remotely has thrown the regular cadence of team retros into disarray. Recognizing the need to bring her team together again, one of our illustrious Product Managers, Ivana Ciric, came up with a new way to increase morale and deliver impact from afar.

Thu Jun 4 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Mikkel Lunding

Get to know Mikkel Lunding, Connected's Senior Product Strategist, in his own words as he answers questions under the Connector spotlight.

Tue Jun 2 · Strategy

Six-Step Plan for Leading in a Crisis

Extraordinary times require extraordinary leadership. Last month Connected hosted nearly 50 product leaders at an online workshop with Gibson Biddle to exchange ideas and insights on how best to lead in this trying time.