Thu Feb 20 · Software Development

Four Reasons Why Software Engineering Needs More Coderetreats

Great product builders are those who are constantly honing their craft. Connected’s Paul Sobocinki, Senior Software Engineer, explains exactly why attending Coderetreats is a valuable experience for junior and senior developers alike.

Tue Feb 18 · Culture

How Process Helped Us Enable Rapid Growth and Deliver on Our Purpose

Ever since Connected’s inception growth has been a constant reality to navigate and enjoy. Kaelan Forgues, Operations Manager, walks us through what that journey really looks like and how getting the internal structures right helps us deliver on our purpose: To build better products.

Thu Feb 13 · Research

Why Global Products Don’t Lead to Global Unity

Designing global products gives builders the opportunity to have a global impact, but the ramifications in one place can go unnoticed in another. Design Researcher, Kama Kaczmarcyzk, walks through her experiences talking to people around the world and the insight it gave her into the unseen responsibilities that product builders have.

Tue Feb 11 · Software Development

Is Continuous Deployment Causing Your Users Continuous Stress?

Is it possible to do too much? ProductCraft takes on this question by examining the over-use of updates to drive engagement.

Thu Jan 30 · Design, Research, Software Development

The Database Advantage: Conducting sense-making without wallpapering a room with stickies

Innovation can often conjure up images of whiteboards filled in with post-its and a group of people staring seriously at them, trying to see through the noise and create something new. However, as Connected’s Senior Product Designers Lisanne Binhammer and Tim Bettridge, finding digital tools as allies can increase the physical and mental flow for a project team.

Tue Jan 28 · Design

PM Syllabus: Nine Books to Add to Your Required Reading List

If you’re one of those product managers who miss cramming a semester’s worth of knowledge into five hours, fear not. We’ve created a syllabus that will take you back to those days.

Thu Jan 23 · Software Development

Asking When: Ethics in the Product Development Process

It is an impossible ask for everyone to become an experts in ethics, but as Lisanne Binhammer, Senior Product Designer, is aware all product builders have a responsibility to think about the impact of the products they build. Read her guide to integrating an ethical mindset into the development and design process.

Tue Jan 21 · Voice

2020 Voice Forecast: Wake Conditions

Conversation designers carefully craft voice interactions to feel as natural as possible, yet we’re still tied to the feasibility restrictions of mandatory device wake words, rendering all interactions fundamentally, well, robotic.

Thu Jan 16 · Design

The Importance of Beauty in Product Design

As product builders attempt to solve increasingly complex problems, practicality often reigns supreme on the priority list. But Connected’s Senior Design Lead, Nelson Leung, challenges you to keep beauty at the forefront of your thoughts and explains how beautiful design is necessary to articulate a product’s utility.