Tue Jun 2 · Strategy

Six-Step Plan for Leading in a Crisis

Extraordinary times require extraordinary leadership. Last month Connected hosted nearly 50 product leaders at an online workshop with Gibson Biddle to exchange ideas and insights on how best to lead in this trying time.

Tue May 26 · Software Development, Strategy

How to Apply Design Thinking to Product Management

Design Thinking is a critical part of our unified Product Thinking approach, a view shared by our friends at Pendo. In this piece, we get a little more granular about applying Design Thinking to the product building process.

Thu May 21 · Product Thinking

Product I Love: Prodigy

A lot of our Connectors are balancing their full-time jobs with a new role: at-home teachers. This has led to the emergence of a new favourite product for our Global Managing Director, Tammy Chiasson, the Prodigy Game.

Tue May 19 · Design

The PB&J of UX and Product

At this point in the tech world, it goes without saying that UX is a crucial part of the process. Amanda Varney from Xenial explores why a lack of connection with a UX team and not collaborating with users can cause you more expense in the long run.

Thu May 14 · Design

Asking When: Ethics in the Product Development Process Part 2

Continuing her series on Ethics in the Product Development Process, Lisanne Binhammer, Senior Product Designer, takes a deeper look at the practical steps product builders can take to ensure that the design of their solution architecture is ethical.

Tue May 12 · Product Thinking

A Product Thinking Book Review of Inspired by Marty Cagan

Marty Cagan’s book Inspired is one of the most thought-provoking, strategic books on the product development process. In this piece Mann Hing Khor, Product Manager extraordinaire, talks through his own key takeaways from the book and how he uses them to elevate the products his teams build.

Thu May 7 · Culture

Simple Rules to Ensure Your Meetings Matter

How many times have you heard in whispers “that meeting could have been an email” and agreed? Matt Bettinson, Software Engineer, shares his tips on how to make sure meetings lead to impactful work.

Tue May 5 · Design

A Story of Bad Design During COVID-19

When dealing with sensitive subjects, the slightest mishap can have massive ramifications. Product Designer, Hala Khoursheed, tells us a design horror story that’ll get you thinking twice about the importance of your product’s UI.

Thu Apr 30 · Design, Software Development, Voice

What Smart Home Products Can Tell Us About Inclusive Design

Homes are personal and often multi-generational environments, meaning that products designed for them have a great burden of inclusivity. Senior Product Designer Lisanne Binhammer, walks us through the design factors for smart home products and challenges builders to apply them to their product building process, no matter the sector.