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Connector Spotlight: Tsun Yin Lip

Whether it's a pint of IPA or a can of whoop-ass in PUBG, Tsun Yin is simply unstoppable.

Android developer, Pong wizard, PUBG commando. Get to know Tsun Yin.


December 13, 2018

Company Culture

Connector Spotlight: Katia Maeda

An iOS engineer who reads Dr. Seuss to her daughter—what's not to love?

Engineer, Power Mom, Major Foodie. Get to know Katia Maeda.


December 6, 2018

Company Culture

Connector Spotlight: Quadri Oshibotu

Tiny heart no more. Meet Quadri, the PM with a big heart and a black belt.

Product Manager, Valedictorian, Taekwondo Sensei. Get to know Quadri Oshibotu.


November 29, 2018

Company Culture

Connector Spotlight: Anusan Sivakumaran

Hacker by day, athlete by night. Add a slice of financial know-how... What can't Anusan do?

Engineer, Security Whiz, NBA fanatic. Get to know Anusan Sivakumaran.


November 23, 2018

Company Culture

Connector Spotlight: Lisanne Binhammer

From Toronto to Bangalore to Amsterdam and back, Lisanne Binhammer is a designer's designer.

Designer, urbanist, cartoon-master. Meet the multi-talented Lisanne Binhammer.


November 13, 2018

Company Culture

Connector Spotlight: Stephen Khuu

An Engineering Manager here at Connected, Stephen Khuu has experience across the product spectrum. Oh, and he makes a great loaf of bread...

Engineer, pun-master, Guinness World Record-holder. Get to know Stephen Khuu.


November 7, 2018

Company Culture

We Dropped “Lab” from Our Name — Here’s Why

Connected Lab is now Connected. Because building better products is about more than software.

Mike Stern

August 8, 2018

Company Culture

Building a Brand I Believe In

I would have been Connected Lab’s number one customer in my last role. Now I get to rebuild their brand.

Tammy Chiasson

August 2, 2018

Company Culture

Crossover Culture is Key

Our Message at The 2018 Top Employer Summit

Ally Contardi

April 10, 2018

Company Culture

A Day in the Life: What it’s like to Intern at Connected Lab

As an undergraduate student in Computer Science I know first hand that finding the right internship can be a gruelling process. And no matter how much research you do...

Alessio Symons

March 14, 2018

Company Culture

Against the Odds

How a Two-Year-Old Startup Became a Top Employer in Canada

Ally Contardi

April 27, 2017

Software Development

A Pair is Better Than One

A Pair is Better Than One

Uzair Khan

February 21, 2017

Product Strategy

Three Underestimated Barriers to Collaboration

Why you need to travel to, or live in, China.

Alex Christodoulou

December 7, 2015

Company Culture

He’s A Company Man

Why a former Tesla and Blackberry intern chose to work at a startup

Dhruv Guliani

June 23, 2015