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Traffic Modelling: Is Beating Traffic Congestion a Zero-Sum Game?

Find out if changing lanes will help you beat traffic!

Paul Sobocinski

July 25, 2019

Product Thinking

Product I Love: Wealthsimple

Find out why Connected Software Engineer Anusan loves using Wealthsimple for his personal finances.

Anusan Sivakumaran

July 5, 2019

Product Thinking

Improved Accessibility Through Voice Tech: A Conversation

We had a chat with our Connectors who shared their experiences and thoughts around building accessible products through voice technology.

June 25, 2019

Product Thinking

Top 12 Collision 2019 Talks Every Practitioner Should Check Out

With so many great talks happening at this 3-day conference, we decided to narrow down the list to highlight some to look out for based on your practice.

If you're a Designer, Engineer, Product Manager, or Business Strategist, this guide is for you.

May 14, 2019

Product Thinking

The 3 Most Common Characteristics of World-Class Product Teams

Connected recently hosted a Product Thinking Mixer in the Bay Area with a keynote presentation from Marty Cagan, Founder and Product Principal at Silicon Valley Product Group. Marty spoke about how the most successful product organizations are moving past Lean and Agile methodologies and practices, taking the best elements from each and then going even further in their craft.

Connected CEO takeaways Marty Cagan's Beyond Lean and Agile presentation

Mike Stern

May 9, 2019

Product Thinking

Beyond Lean and Agile

The best product teams have in fact already moved past how most teams practice these principles – leveraging the best of Lean and Agile, but raising the bar on what they’re trying to achieve and how they work.

The tips you need to ensure product success according to Marty Cagan

Marty Cagan

April 16, 2019