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Software Development

How Connected Built a Record-Breaking IoT Cloud Messaging Service on Kubernetes

Connected built a record-breaking IoT cloud messaging service on Kubernetes. Learn all about it during their presentation with Bose at KubeCon on Dec 12.

Bose & Connected at KubeCon


November 14, 2018

Machine Learning

AutoML and the Rise of Advanced Machine Learning Platforms

Google’s Next 18 shows that machine learning is becoming more and more developer-friendly — all thanks to AutoML.

William Wen

September 14, 2018

Machine Learning

A Hands-On Introduction to Neural Networks

Implementing a Single Neuron in Python from Scratch

Dhruv Guliani

June 22, 2018

Machine Learning

ICML Accepted Papers Stats (2018)

I will be attending ICML for the first time this year, and wanted to dig a bit deeper into the as preparation. ICML is one of the major academic Machine Learning conferences...

Dhruv Guliani

June 12, 2018

Software Development

Making Sense of FlatMap: An Rx Story

My team and I recently discovered a bug in one of our projects, and the culprit turned out to be the FlatMap operator—or rather, our misuse of it. I don’t know why, but FlatMap...

Sundeep Gupta

June 6, 2018

Software Development

Gradle Demystified (Video)

Recently I had the opportunity to present at the Toronto Android Developers meetup right in our very own Connected Lab offices. I spoke about the build system Gradle.

Josh Allen

April 12, 2018

Machine Learning

Pong, Machine Learning, and Never Standing Still

What We Did With Two Weeks of Bench Time

Tsun Yin Lip and William Wen

April 3, 2018


3 Takeaways from Alexa Dev Day

Key tools and practices for the creation of effective Alexa skills

Guy Tonye

March 5, 2018

Software Development

Training with Randori

Using Collaborative Katas to Teach More Effectively

Cameron Rowshanbin

August 23, 2017

Software Development

A Pair is Better Than One

A Pair is Better Than One

Uzair Khan

February 21, 2017

Software Development

Building an app with Facebook’s React Native: It’s ready!

React Native is an open source framework that allows you to build native iOS and Android applications using JSX: a JavaScript syntax extension that looks similar to XML. React Native is developed by Facebook and inspired by their React web library.

Mark McKenna and Calvin Lam

April 25, 2016

Company Culture

He’s A Company Man

Why a former Tesla and Blackberry intern chose to work at a startup

Dhruv Guliani

June 23, 2015