Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith

Dominic is a writer and strategist, who has worked throughout his career to bring to light insights and opportunities that drive sustainable long-term growth. His work looks beyond sectors, focusing on the individual wants and desires of people that ultimately form the trends, behaviours, and landscape of the world we live in.

Thu Jun 25 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Three Emerging Product Practices to Design an Optimistic Future

Optimism rarely comes with the same intellectual credibility as pessimism. The popularity and cultural significance of dystopian works, for example, indicates our collective desire to stand in a corner pointing our fingers at the many...

Tue Jun 2 · Strategy

Six-Step Plan for Leading in a Crisis

A Review of the Insights From Connected and Gibson Biddle’s Leader’s Lead Workshop with Global Product Leaders Leading in calm waters is a challenge that requires an understanding of how to get a team steering...

Fri Mar 20 · Culture

The Connected WFH Toolkit

The trend toward work from home (WFH) cultures has been steadily increasing over the past decade. With technological advances, the ability to be effective remotely has led to 16% of all registered companies exclusively hiring...

Thu Mar 5 · Product Thinking

A Snapshot of Podcasting Today

Podcasting as an artform, a storytelling tool, a news outlet, and a multitude of other uses has exploded into life over the past ten years. A study by Podcast Insights found that there are now...

Tue Dec 3 · Design, Software Development

The Art of Prototyping: When to Go Low and When to Go High

From the outside, prototyping appears to be a step—a necessary moment in a project when an early version of the product is brought to life. But in actuality, prototyping is a process.  It is a...

Tue Oct 29 · Product Thinking

The Must-Know New Features for Designers and Developers on Android 10

At the end of 2019, Android’s global market share of smartphones was a staggering 74.45%—which equates to nearly 2.5 billion people according to Stats Counter. That means that when an Android update goes out, engineers...

Wed Oct 9 · Product Thinking

The Snowflake Era

Making software products unique to all users, all of the time. The snowflake generation is a term we’ve seen thrown at millennials. It refers to the idea that millennials are unable and unwilling to listen...

Thu Mar 26 · Culture

Connected’s Guide to Acing Your Remote Interview

Digital products have become more important than ever. Zoom, Facetime, House Party, and all manner of other video calling applications have moved from a little luxury to the glue holding families, friends, and organizations together. ...