Lisanne Binhammer

Lisanne Binhammer

Lisanne Binhammer is a Senior Product Designer at Connected with a passion for ethical and inclusive design. Most recently, she has worked on a discovery-based project for a client in the civic technology space. Outside of her day-to-day, Lisanne is the Director of Product Design Education at Bridge, a non-for-profit that levels up skills for marginalized groups in the tech sector.

Thu Jul 23 · Design, Software Development

Asking When: Ethics in the Product Development Process Part 4

If You’re… Creating the overall user experience (UX) of your product or Doing user interface (UI) work (Including but not limited to creating a visual design system) Welcome to part four of this mini series...

Thu Jul 16 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Return-Tech: The New Normal for EdTech

COVID-19 is a health crisis first, with a ripple-like impact that has changed multiple industries beyond recognition. And there’s no clearer example than the disruption caused by shutting down schools across the world.  From early...

Tue Jun 23 · Software Development

Asking When: Ethics in the Product Development Process Part 3

So, we’re back! If you caught my last piece, I spoke about ethical perspectives to bring into your solution architecture (including but not limited to technical research). Of course, all of this is easier said...

Thu May 14 · Design

Asking When: Ethics in the Product Development Process Part 2

In my previous article in this series, I spoke about the ethical mindsets and methodologies that can be employed during the discovery phase of a project. From fact-checking during problem finding, to referencing IDEO’s “The...

Thu Apr 30 · Design, Software Development, Voice

What Smart Home Products Can Tell Us About Inclusive Design

The very common—and very justified—critique of the smart home experience is that it’s, to put it bluntly, a headache. Set-up and onboarding is lengthy and confusing. Products from different companies don’t play nicely with one...

Thu Apr 23 · Design

Product Building in this Pandemic, It’s Not Business As Usual

This isn’t another “How To Successfully Work Remotely” post, or an article around the importance of creating a separate work environment or a rigid structure throughout your day. There’s nothing wrong with content like this;...

Tue Mar 31 · Design, Product Thinking

Looking Forward Before We Can’t Look Away: Future-mapping in 2030 with the Social-Spatial Matrix

In our previous article, we spoke to the necessity for foresight in spatial computing; how, if we don’t attempt to anticipate the impact that XR technologies will have on our world, we’ll end up in...

Thu Jan 30 · Design, Research, Software Development

The Database Advantage: Conducting sense-making without wallpapering a room with stickies

Ah, synthesis. The romanticized phase in the product development process when practitioners take all of their research data—interview transcripts, scrawled notes, participant headshots, audio, video, etc., etc.—and mine, sort, and cluster that data in order...

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