Our Journey to Service 5 Million Messaging Connections on Kubernetes

Of all the things a consumer-scale IoT solution must solve for, messaging is perhaps the hardest—that is, full duplex communication from client to client (devices, apps, services) as well as between clients and the cloud. To be successful, a consumer-scale messaging solution must support millions of persistent, concurrent connections; enable tens of thousands of messages per second; be globally addressable; store millions of states; and respond with minimal latency.

In pursuit of a solution that met these requirements, here at Connected we were asked to assess the technical feasibility and cost viability of existing off-the-shelf messaging solutions as well as to prove out a scaled messaging service built with open-source components.

To learn more about how we did this, watch our presentation with Bose from KubeCon Seattle 2018: 

Reaching 5 Million Messaging Connections: Our Journey with Kubernetes from Connected