The Frame Game: How to Define Your Product Strategy

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The Frame Game: How to Define Your Product Strategy is equal parts guide book and workshop for defining a successful product strategy. Charting Gibson Biddle’s time as VP of Product at Netflix, he takes you through a series of tried and tested exercises and the context that led to their design.

Ultimately, The Frame Game works to help businesses in their pursuit of building better products that create commercial and real-world impact by giving you the tools for designing the right framework for success.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Netflix built a market-defining product
  • The basic building blocks for successful teams
  • How to turn an innovative idea into a unified strategic plan
  • The importance of metrics and models for prioritizing and channeling workflow
  • Why and how product strategies fail without the right structure in place
  • A series of effective exercises that drive you toward a clear outcome

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