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The Frame Game: How to Define Your Product Strategy

Charting Gibson Biddle’s time as VP of Product at Netflix, he takes you through a series of tried and tested exercises and the context that led to their design in The Frame Game.

Beyond Lean & Agile

Learn how world-class product organizations are going beyond Lean & Agile from author, founder & product partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, Marty Cagan.

Our Journey to Service 5 Million Messaging Connections on Kubernetes

Learn how Connected assessed the technical feasibility and cost viability of existing off-the-shelf messaging solutions as well as proved out a scaled messaging service built with open-source components.

Elevate Product 2018: Full Video Recordings from Product Development Leaders

Watch all of the presentations from Elevate Product from speakers like former Netflix VP of Product, Gibson Biddle, and co-founder of ProdPad and Mind the Product, Janna Bastow.