Thu Feb 18 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Case Study: Delivering an Employee Wellness Experience via Slack

Spurred on by the desire to help people find meaning and connection, a team of our best-in-class Product Thinkers joined forces with Elevate to create a product experience for the world of remote work. Read about the platform and how we built it here...

Wed Feb 10 · Product Thinking

Product-Thinking Risk Wheel

A continuous testing and validation framework for building the right product to be applied throughout the product development lifecycle from earliest discovery to launch, release, and evolution.

Wed Jan 20 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Product Thinking: The Core Principles of Product Discovery

The core principles of product discovery are designed to guide the thinking and actions of your team. They create a unified vocabulary that helps ensure that everyone is working together and moving in the same direction. In this article we walk you through these six core principles.

Wed Jan 6 · Design, Software Development

How to Build Fast Part 4: Designers

The fourth piece in our How to Build Fast series walks you through the tactics that designers can employ to build better products at pace and scale. Connected’s best-in-class Product Designer, Ryan Jeon, brings his wealth of experience to the topic and discusses workflow, tooling, process, and feedback.

Fri Dec 18 · Culture

Our Year in Review: Success from Home

2020 has been a tumultuous year. However, at Connected, thanks to our best-in-class team, we’ve found ways to make it a year to remember! To celebrate all that we’ve achieved, our year in review breaks down our achievements into numbers and celebrates the impact we’ve had.

Wed Dec 9 · Design, Software Development

How Nature Can Make Us Better Product Builders

Earlier this year Ivana Ciric and Kama Kaczmarczyk hosted a talk on How Nature Can Make Us Better Product Builders. In this article, they walk us through the benefits, inspiration, and a few examples of nature and technology coming together.

Wed Dec 2 · Design, Software Development, Voice

Experiments in the Body Language of Ambient Computing

Senior Product Designer, Tim Bettridge takes you through a project by Connected Labs—Connected’s dedicated R&D function —that explores the applications of computer vision in developing more intuitive and frictionless, conversational interfaces.

Wed Nov 25 · Software Development

Software Estimation on a Product Team: Part 3

In part three of his series on Software Estimation, Director of Engineering, Paul Sobocinski, walks us through the origin and application of story pointing and how it can be applied to help teams build better products.

Thu Nov 12 · Software Development, Strategy

The Four Main Challenges Facing In-House Innovation

New product development is hard, which is why so many companies have turned to specialized innovation programs tasked with building the next disruptive product. However, something isn’t working. There’s a lack of truly impactful products emerging and we wanted to explore why. In this teaser piece for our upcoming report on in-house innovation, Ramiz Khan gives an overview of the four main challenges facing in-house innovation today.