Thu Aug 20 · Software Development, Strategy

How to Build Fast Part 2: Product Managers

Following on from Software Engineer, Shannon Klett’s first piece on how to build fast, Project Manager, Samantha Pramanick gives her perspective on how PMs guide rapid product building.

Tue Aug 18 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Case Study: Connected’s In-House 360 Audio Platform

From the spark of an idea to a working platform in a matter of weeks! A team of our best-in-class product thinkers and builders created a 360 audio platform aimed at reducing “Zoom fatigue” and increasing collaboration in the new WFH model. Read how Nenad Kozul, Ryan McLeod, Rajiv Silva, and Eren Livingstone worked together to bring the platform to life.

Thu Aug 13 · Software Development

Software Estimation on a Product Team: Part 1

Rallying a team around clear principles is the best way of creating alignment and delivering impact. In this piece, Paul Sobocinski, gives his view on the three key principles needed for effective software estimation.

Thu Aug 6 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Return-Tech: The 12 Theses We Believe Will Guide Product Development in the “New Normal”

The next four quarters of new product discovery and delivery will be centered around Return-Tech and the attempt to define the 'new normal.' So our CEO, Mike Stern, created 12 theses to help guide product development and innovation efforts in the short-, medium-, and long-term future.

Tue Aug 4 · Software Development, Voice

Erasing the Boundaries of Domain-Specific Conversational Agents

Our internal R&D team, Connected Labs, recently set to work creating a new blended approach to building conversational agents that are more social and flexible, while still retaining functional utility and purpose. Read our best-in-class Product Designer, Tim Bettridge's perspective on the project and how this work could transform how we interact with these agents.

Thu Jul 30 · Design, Product Thinking, Software Development

Case Study: Connected’s In-House COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

From idea to high-fidelity prototypes in just two and a half weeks! A cross-disciplinary team of our product thinkers and builders built out three concepts for a COVID-19 symptom tracker in rapid time. Read Project Manager, Samantha Pramanick’s words on how she, Ryan Jeon (RJ), Nenad Kozul, and Alejandro Zielinsky ideated and executed at such pace.

Tue Jul 28 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Amina Saigol

Get to know Amina Saigol, Connected’s Product Strategist, in her own words as she answers questions under the Connector spotlight.

Thu Jul 23 · Design, Software Development

Asking When: Ethics in the Product Development Process Part 4

Continuing her series on Ethics in the Product Development Process, Lisanne Binhammer, Senior Product Designer, takes a deeper look at the practical steps product builders can take to ethically improve UX and UI.

Thu Jul 16 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Return-Tech: The New Normal for EdTech

With our focus on designing Return-Tech products that define the ‘new normal’, our Senior Product Designer Lisanne Binhammer dove headfirst into researching the disruption that has occurred for teachers and parents across the world. After interviewing a number of both parties, she put pen to paper to share her best-in-class insights for companies looking to build the next generation of EdTech products.