Tue Mar 10 · Design

The Connected Brand: Trustworthy, Collaborative, and Bright

First impressions are important, and for brands their visual identity is the first opportunity they get to tell people who they are. Connected's Marketing Graphic Designer, Katie Luke, dives into each aspect of the Connected brand and explains the design rationale behind them.

Thu Mar 5 · Product Thinking

A Snapshot of Podcasting Today

Podcasting has exploded into life in the last ten years, but with such a vast expansion the landscape can be a little confusing. At Connected, we’ve put together a snapshot to help you get up to speed and understand the reality of the space and who the key players are at the start of the decade.

Tue Mar 3 · Software Development

The Importance of Diversity in Product Building Teams

Products are often a reflection of the people who build them. In this article, Alex Christodoulou walks us through three products he sees as an inspiration for anyone looking to design more inclusive product experiences.

Thu Feb 27 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Zachery Oman

Get to know Zachery Oman, one of Connected’s rockstar Product Strategists, in his own words as he answers questions under the Connector spotlight.

Tue Feb 25 · Design, Software Development

How to Build a Universal App

Connected’s Hala Khoursheed, Senior Product Designer, and Reinier Lakhan, Senior Software Engineer, take us through a step-by-step guide to building a universal app—one that delivers equally across all devices and screen sizes.

Thu Feb 20 · Software Development

Four Reasons Why Software Engineering Needs More Coderetreats

Great product builders are those who are constantly honing their craft. Connected’s Paul Sobocinski, Senior Software Engineer, explains exactly why attending Coderetreats is a valuable experience for junior and senior developers alike.

Tue Feb 18 · Culture

How Process Helped Us Enable Rapid Growth and Deliver on Our Purpose

Ever since Connected’s inception growth has been a constant reality to navigate and enjoy. Kaelan Forgues, Operations Manager, walks us through what that journey really looks like and how getting the internal structures right helps us deliver on our purpose: To build better products.

Thu Feb 13 · Research

Why Global Products Don’t Lead to Global Unity

Designing global products gives builders the opportunity to have a global impact, but the ramifications in one place can go unnoticed in another. Design Researcher, Kama Kaczmarczyk, walks through her experiences talking to people around the world and the insight it gave her into the unseen responsibilities that product builders have.

Tue Feb 11 · Software Development

Is Continuous Deployment Causing Your Users Continuous Stress?

Is it possible to do too much? ProductCraft takes on this question by examining the over-use of updates to drive engagement.