Wed Apr 21 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Simon Tolkin

Get to know Simon Tolkin, Business Development Manager, in his own words as he answers questions under the Connector spotlight.

Wed Apr 14 · Product Thinking, Research

The Product Thinking Playbook in Action (Remotely): Research Planning

Our Product Thinking Playbook is our best-in-class project-planning tool for building better products. In this piece our Lead Design Researcher Katie Hill walks through a recent project she worked on and how she pivoted our Research Planning tactic card to work effectively in a remote setting.

Wed Apr 7 · Culture, Design

Reflections on My Year of Remote Design Leadership

After accepting an offer to join Connected in December 2020, Leanne could never have predicted that her first day of work would be the same day as Ontario’s first day of official lockdown. With her initial expectations of life at Connected clashing with the reality of remote work she has penned this honest piece on her first year as our Head of Design, charting the challenges, success, and surprises in equal measure.

Wed Mar 31 · Software Development, Strategy

Why Storytelling in Product Development Matters

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool for Product Thinkers, but it is often overlooked. In this piece Corrina Wang advocates for why it’s so important and provides a guide for how to elevate your own storytelling.

Wed Mar 24 · Design, Product Thinking

How to Embed Accessible Design Into Your Products

Accessible design requires an intentional focus on the user experience. In this piece, we teamed up with accessibility experts Fable to guide you through the process of designing impactful products for everyone.

Wed Mar 3 · Product Thinking, Software Development

How Product Thinking Helps Accelerate New Product Development

Building new products is hard, and it’s even harder if you want to build them at the speed and scale required to seize market opportunities. Our latest piece takes you through the main benefits of applying a Product-Thinking approach to each of the major product development phases.

Wed Feb 24 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Katie Luke

Get to know Katie Luke, Marketing Graphic Designer, in her own words as she answers questions under the Connector spotlight.

Thu Feb 18 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Case Study: Delivering an Employee Wellness Experience via Slack

Spurred on by the desire to help people find meaning and connection, a team of our best-in-class Product Thinkers joined forces with Elevate to create a product experience for the world of remote work. Read about the platform and how we built it here...

Wed Feb 10 · Product Thinking

Product-Thinking Risk Wheel

A continuous testing and validation framework for building the right product to be applied throughout the product development lifecycle from earliest discovery to launch, release, and evolution.