Wed Sep 23 · Product Thinking, Software Development

How Digital Overload Affects Users

We truly believe that great products can support and delight people navigate their complex lives; however, we aren’t blind to the negative impact that they can have. With all the talk about Netflix’s new documentary The Social Dilemma, we thought it was the perfect time to share an extract from The Current State of Digital Distraction, written by our Content Marketing Manager, Dominic Smith back in January.

Thu Sep 17 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Four Rules for Designing Smart Home Products

An excerpt from our much-loved Smart Home, this article lays out the four central rules for designing the right smart home products for your users.

Tue Sep 15 · Software Development

Software Estimation on a Product Team: Part 2

In the second article in his series on software estimation, Director of Engineering, Practice, Paul Sobocinski walks us through the four reasons why engineers should utilize the practice.

Wed Sep 9 · Design

If Apple Were An Orange: Why Brand Consistency Matters

Our very own Marketing Graphic Designer, Katie Luke, continues her series on the importance of branding and how she applies these ideas to our brand.

Thu Sep 3 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Paul Sobocinski

Get to know Paul Sobocinski, Connected’s Engineering Manager, in his own words as he answers questions under the Connector spotlight.

Tue Sep 1 · Design, Product Thinking, Research, Software Development

Case Study: Connected’s In-House App(etite) For Improving Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping has undergone an identity shift in the past six months, as the world awakened to the hard work of its employees, the fragility of supply chains, and the importance of the Shopper experience. With this in mind, Connected put together a best-in-class product team composed of a Product Manager, Amy Weinrieb; a Product Designer, Hala Khoursheed; and a Software Engineer, Eren Livingstone; to create a series of product concepts designed to add joy to the experience of grocery shopping.

Thu Aug 27 · Software Development, Strategy

Product agency vs. in-house: What’s the difference for a Product Manager?

It’s a question we hear over and over again: What’s the difference between working at an agency vs. working in house. Fortunately many of our best-in-class PM’s have experienced life on both sides and in this article Mann Hing Khor walks us through the differences and debunks myths.

Tue Aug 25 · Product Thinking, Research, Software Development

Supporting Better Indoor Wayfinding Through Conversational AI

Senior Product Designer, Tim Bettridge, takes us through a project by Connected Labs — our dedicated R&D function — that explores how we can make grocery shopping faster and easier and safer in the COVID-19 era.

Thu Aug 20 · Software Development, Strategy

How to Build Fast Part 2: Product Managers

Following on from Software Engineer, Shannon Klett’s first piece on how to build fast, Project Manager, Samantha Pramanick gives her perspective on how PMs guide rapid product building.