Wed Nov 25 · Software Development

Software Estimation on a Product Team: Part 3

In part three of his series on Software Estimation, Director of Engineering, Paul Sobocinski, walks us through the origin and application of story pointing and how it can be applied to help teams build better products.

Thu Nov 12 · Software Development, Strategy

The Four Main Challenges Facing In-House Innovation

New product development is hard, which is why so many companies have turned to specialized innovation programs tasked with building the next disruptive product. However, something isn’t working. There’s a lack of truly impactful products emerging and we wanted to explore why. In this teaser piece for our upcoming report on in-house innovation, Ramiz Khan gives an overview of the four main challenges facing in-house innovation today.

Wed Nov 4 · Software Development, Strategy

How to Prioritize Ideas for Prototyping

Great product ideas are incredibly valuable, when they turn into great products. Prioritizing is an important step in the exploration process of ideas, and in this article our best-in-class Product Manager Amy Weinrieb walks you through the prioritization that begins the long road from idea to product.

Wed Oct 28 · Software Development

How to Avoid Technical Debt

One of our best-in-class engineers, Bilal Hussain created an in-depth guide for Product Thinkers who are seeking to avoid technical debt.

Wed Oct 21 · Software Development

How to Build Fast Part 3: Engineers

The third article in our series on How to Build Fast, comes from best-in-class Software Engineer Shannon Klett. In this latest piece, Shannon dives into how engineers can help their teams launch quickly.

Wed Oct 14 · Product Thinking, Software Development

Product Thinker’s Discussion: Is it time to ditch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

A group of our best-in-class product practitioners share their answers to the question: Is it time to ditch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Wed Oct 7 · Culture, Research

A Quick Guide to Building Rapport Remotely

Where in-person interactions have a millennia of human history behind them, the rules for fully remote communities are still in their infancy. So a team of our talented Product Thinkers, headed up by Katie Hill and Kama Kaczmarczyk, have put together a guide for those looking to build rapport with clients, teammates, and interviewees.

Wed Sep 30 · Culture

Connector Spotlight: Alex Christodoulou

Get to know Alex Christodoulou, Engagement Lead, in his own words as he answers questions under the Connector spotlight.

Wed Sep 23 · Product Thinking, Software Development

How Digital Overload Affects Users

We truly believe that great products can support and delight people navigate their complex lives; however, we aren’t blind to the negative impact that they can have. With all the talk about Netflix’s new documentary The Social Dilemma, we thought it was the perfect time to share an extract from The Current State of Digital Distraction, written by our Content Marketing Manager, Dominic Smith back in January.