Thu Oct 24 · Product Thinking, Software Development

When Everyone Contributes, Who Ensures Quality?

After Connected’s product managers Mikkel Lunding and Amina Saigol attended Elevate 2019, they got to thinking: Who controls quality in the open forum of the internet? Using Mozilla, Tinder, and Reddit as inspiration, they challenge product owners to be the conductors of quality that help to channel the unique and diverse thoughts that live in the digital realm.

Tue Oct 22 · Design

Expand Your Mobile Market: How to Convert iOS to Android

One of Connected’s talented Product Designers, Amos Marsters, walks you through a step-by-step guide to converting your app designs from iOS to Android and outlines just how important this is for organizations looking to reach a global audience.

Tue Oct 15 · Design, Product Thinking, Research

Is Human-Centricity Still Innovative Thinking?

Connected’s Senior Design Researcher Katie Hill talks through her experience at this year’s Elevate Product, the realization that human-centricity in product building isn’t as widespread as she thought, and the privilege of working for an organization that places user needs at the core of their development process.

Wed Oct 9 · Product Thinking

The Snowflake Era

As consumers expect increasingly personalized experiences from their software products, product builders must explore different ways of developing products in order to meet the unique requirements of each user.

Mon Oct 7 · Culture

3 Crucial Things I Learned From An (Unforgettable) Night with Michelle Obama

Connected’s own Marinna Breda writes about the insights and inspiration she gained from attending Michelle Obama’s Elevate talk at this year’s event.

Fri Oct 4 · Design

How to Set Up a Successful Design Critique

Follow these five steps to setting up a design critique to ensure you get the most valuable feedback possible.

Tue Oct 1 · Product Thinking, Strategy

Key Takeaways from Elevate Product 2019

Read what the product leaders from Elevate Product 2019 had to say at this year's event.

Tue Sep 24 · Product Thinking, Strategy

Identifying the Big Problem for Building Better Products

To consistently build innovative, revenue-driving software-powered products, organizations need to ensure their product development strategies are driving towards filling the "missing".

Tue Aug 13 · Design, Research

How Researchers Practice Empathy to put the “Human” in Human-Centred Design

From research participants to a product’s end users, Connected’s researchers understand the ethical necessity of empathizing with the people our work impacts.