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Product Strategy

Accessing the Right Research Participants with a Recruitment Agency

Find out why it's important to engage with appropriate research participants using examples from our work with GRIT Toronto

Lisanne Binhammer, Katie Hill

August 6, 2019

Product Strategy

How Confidence Breeds Better Humans & Researchers

Read about the importance of confidence in your professional and personal life

Kama Kaczmarczyk

July 22, 2019

Product Thinking

Product I Love: John Deere

At Connected we are obsessed with great products. We often talk about the great products we worked on and the ones we wished we worked on. We’d love to hear from people who are as obsessed with making great products as we are so if you’d like to share yours, send me a note at You may just get featured on our blog. In the meantime, hear why Connected Director of Product, Thomas Aston, loves John Deere.‍

Read why our Director of Product, Thomas Aston, loves John Deere.

Thomas Aston

June 7, 2019

Product Thinking

Top 12 Collision 2019 Talks Every Practitioner Should Check Out

With so many great talks happening at this 3-day conference, we decided to narrow down the list to highlight some to look out for based on your practice.

If you're a Designer, Engineer, Product Manager, or Business Strategist, this guide is for you.

May 14, 2019

Product Thinking

The 3 Most Common Characteristics of World-Class Product Teams

Connected recently hosted a Product Thinking Mixer in the Bay Area with a keynote presentation from Marty Cagan, Founder and Product Principal at Silicon Valley Product Group. Marty spoke about how the most successful product organizations are moving past Lean and Agile methodologies and practices, taking the best elements from each and then going even further in their craft.

Connected CEO takeaways Marty Cagan's Beyond Lean and Agile presentation

Mike Stern

May 9, 2019

Product Strategy

Product I Love: Mozilla

Hear why our Software Engineer, Mathieu Gosbee, loves Mozilla.

Mathieu Gosbee

May 2, 2019

Product Thinking

Beyond Lean and Agile

The best product teams have in fact already moved past how most teams practice these principles – leveraging the best of Lean and Agile, but raising the bar on what they’re trying to achieve and how they work.

The tips you need to ensure product success according to Marty Cagan

Marty Cagan

April 16, 2019

Product Design

Product I Love: Peloton

At Connected we are obsessed with great products. We often talk about the great products we worked on and the ones we wished we worked on. We even have a wall in our reception area dedicated to showing off our favourite ones. That’s why we decided to launch a series of products we love. Hear why our EVP of Growth and Client Experience, Tammy Chiasson, loves her product.

Hear why our EVP of Growth & Client Experience, Tammy Chiasson, loves her Peloton.

Tammy Chiasson

April 4, 2019

Product Strategy

4 Key Takeaways from ProductTank TO’s Qualitative Insight MeetUp

With over 100 attendees including a few of our own Connectors, we asked Connected Senior Design Researcher Katie Hill to share a few takeaways from the event.

Mitchell Gillespie of WaveHQ teaches the product community how to get the most out of qualitative data.

Katie Hill

March 13, 2019

Product Strategy

5 Takeaways from the Product Leader Summit

Connected CEO Mike Stern and I recently had the opportunity to attend the Product Leader Summit in Redwood City, California. As the name would suggest, the conference featured presentations from the world’s top product thinkers and makers, among them Gibson Biddle (former VP of product at Netflix), Silicon Valley Product Group’s Marty Cagan, Box CEO Aaron Levie, and Medium CEO Ev Williams.

Thoughts from leading product thinkers

Jonathan Savage

December 14, 2018

Product Strategy

Take Off Your Headsets and Dance

Catherine Ulrich is no stranger to product. The former CPO of Weight Watchers and Shutterstock (and now the Managing Director at VC firm FirstMark Capital), Catherine recently joined us at Connected for a fireside chat about product—the what, how, and why. Here are some highlights from her excellent talk below.

A Lesson in Product Development from Catherine Ulrich


November 27, 2018

Product Strategy

Product Managers Are Mini-CEOs—Sort Of

Conductor, sherpa, mini-CEO... learn about the many sides of product management.

Thoughts on Product Management from the Connected Product Guild


November 20, 2018

Software Development

How Connected Built a Record-Breaking IoT Cloud Messaging Service on Kubernetes

Connected built a record-breaking IoT cloud messaging service on Kubernetes. Learn all about it during their presentation with Bose at KubeCon on Dec 12.

Bose & Connected at KubeCon


November 14, 2018

Product Strategy

Helping Customers Make Progress

An Interview with Alan Klement

Jonathan Savage

October 17, 2018

Product Strategy

Connected Goes to Cannes!

Connected Lab to compete in the first ever Cannes Lions “Change for Good” Hackathon


June 17, 2018

Product Design

A Call for Genuine Design Discourse

Our obsession with user-friendliness in product design has made us do the same thing to how we think and write about product design. Though these how-to articles...

Lisanne Binhammer

May 24, 2018

Product Design

Alexa, Fake Laughter, and Real Fear

On Voice Interfaces and the Importance of Context

Lisanne Binhammer

March 9, 2018

Product Strategy

Card Games for Smart Cities

How a simple game can help change the way we apply technology to cities.

Marc De Pape

January 25, 2018

Product Strategy

3 Takeaways from CES 2018

Like many consultants in the software space, I went to CES this year. Infamous for its energy and scale, CES is so noisy that it can be hard for...

Joel Zien

January 16, 2018

Product Design

Why Accessible Products Are Better, and How to (Start to) Build Them

In this article, I hope to explain 1. Why accessibility matters so much to building better products, 2. Where accessible products can have the greatest impact, and...

Jackson McConnell

December 21, 2017

Product Design

Three Myths of Accessible Product Development

Accessibility isn’t a development cost — it’s a business imperative.

Jackson McConnell

December 5, 2017

Product Strategy

Can Tech Learn From Big Oil?

Building Better Products With 3 Lessons From Oil & Gas

Danny Grenzowski

March 23, 2017

Product Strategy

We Flew To SXSW So You Don’t Have To

Staying ahead of the curve in a competitive world

Farouk Dossa

March 17, 2017


Voice interfaces today are where mobile interfaces were in 2009

Conversational interfaces, be them text or speech, are a vital part of creating great connected software experiences. At Connected Lab we believe that voice interfaces will be...

Damian McCabe

April 19, 2016

Product Strategy

Social Engagement: Keys to Building for Smart TV

It’s no coincidence that the furniture in your living room all face your television. The TV is inherently social, a focal point that draws groups together to share in experiences.

Caroline Smeenk

April 5, 2016

Product Strategy

Overcoming Gorilla Hands in VR

VR offers users the exciting possibilities of creating uses interfaces in any size and any shape all around them. From its ability to communicate emotion as a film medium, to VR’s exciting possibilities to create expansive...


February 17, 2016

Product Strategy

Custom 360: This camera should cost $6,500. Here’s how I built it for a fraction of that price.

An argument in favor of wide angle stereoscopic video capture and a DIY guide on how to build one yourself.

Tobias Chen

January 6, 2016

Product Strategy

The Future of Wearables for Kids

Lindsay Boeckl takes a look at IoT for kids

Lindsay Boeckl

December 14, 2015

Product Strategy

Three Underestimated Barriers to Collaboration

Why you need to travel to, or live in, China.

Alex Christodoulou

December 7, 2015

Product Strategy

What We Learned From The Wink Hub

The Wink Hub looked promising. What worked, and what didn’t.

Lindsay Boeckl

October 6, 2015