Damian McCabe

EVP, Product & Technology


Damian is the co-founder of Connected, a Toronto-based Product Development Firm. At Connected, he leads the Product, Design, and Engineering teams on their mission to Build Better Products.

Damian is passionate about building the world’s best product teams and pushing them to solve extremely ambitious problems.

Damian’s career has taken him across industries and around the globe shipping product at Facebook, Instagram, Uber, and more. His work has received numerous accolades and has been featured by TechCrunch, WIRED, BBC News, Business Insider, CNBC, The New York Times.

Full Biography

Damian specializes in building teams that design and engineer complex systems. He loves to take apart ideas, objects, processes, and data to design product experiences that make technology transparent. Damian is proudly Canadian, but his work in bringing software and hardware together frequently takes him to Silicon Valley and Shenzhen.

He has helped clients across the travel, internet, financial services, retail, and consumer electronics industries to plan, build, launch, and maintain software products aligned to their business.

Damian McCabe started his career as a Software Developer working on Web and Mobile Applications at IBM.  After working on IBM’s Rational Software, he help start IBM’s first smartphone app development practice. He focussed on mobile app development and architecture modernization for mobile.

As a Product Manager at Xtreme Labs and Pivotal Labs (via acquisition), he led the ideation, technical development, and launch of several successful mobile applications, integrating market research, user testing, and performance metrics into product requirements, and working alongside talented engineers and designers to develop the product experience.

He is Co-founder and EVP of Product Development at Connected, where he leads a constantly growing team of 150 Engineers, Designers, Design Researchers, and Product Managers and Strategists, pushing them to solve extremely ambitious problems. 


Connected Product Thinking Mixer With Marty Cagan
San Francisco, USA,  April 2019

Connected Product Thinking Mixers are a series of events devoted to the principles involved in Building Better Products. Our first edition was in San Francisco, beginning with a talk by leading product strategist Marty Cagan, author of the wildly successful book, Inspired, and founder & product partner at Silicon Valley Product Group

Damian McCabe led the Q&A with Marty and the audience.


Elevate Product – Created by Connected
Toronto, Canada, September 2018

At Elevate Product,  we explored modern-day product development at the intersection of technology, design, and business. This two-part program focused on the crucial role that continuous discovery and delivery plays in meeting customer demand, offering actionable insights at all stages of the product development lifecycle.

Damian moderated a panel with Gibson Biddle, Former VP of Product at Netflix, Amar Varma, Co-founder and COO of Autonomic, Seema Lakhani, VP of Product at Wattpad and Janna Bastow, Co-founder of ProdPad.

Speech Topics

  • Unleash your Product Development Teams by Providing Just Enough Structure
    Topic includes: learning approaches to team segmentation: Squads, Workstreams, & Feature Teams; the shifting gears to Team Outcomes over Team Outputs; using Ambition Quadrants instead of Time Horizons; 2 Mindset Discipline of Discovery & Delivery — realized through Dual Track; the importance of validated learning over working software or comprehensive documentation

  • What is Dual Track? Mindsets in Product Development, How might we Build Better Products
  • Dual Track for Designers
  • Dual Track for Engineers
  • Dual Track for Product Managers (and Data Scientists and Design Researchers)
  • What do you really do in discovery?
  • What do you really do in delivery?
  • Dual Track for 0 to 1 Products (or Risk Reduction for ____)
  • Dual Track for In-Market Products (or Risk Reduction for ____)
  • Just enough structure to unleash your PD Teams (Outcomes over Outputs)
  • Daddy, where do great products come from?
  • It was an amazing idea! Where did we go wrong?